About Express FM


Express FM is a company designed to provide maintenance, general repair services and managing day to day operations, particularly in relation to buildings and premises of the Government sectors in Abu Dhabi (Al Ain, Western Region), Dubai and Northern Emirates. With the use of modern information technology system, Express FM has achieved excellent performance exceeding the expectations.

Express FM aims to decrease maintenance cost, provide timely service and resource management. Express FM strives to deliver exceptional customer service and ensures the optimal growth of the company, thus, employing only proactive and talented personnel. Express FM is committed to the continuous development of its employees by providing required orientation, training programs and supervision, besides, giving each employee the opportunity to utilize the best of his ability and the opportunity to grow in the company pursuing his professional career path.

Call Center & HelpDesk

Call Center & HelpDesk

Express FM operates a 24/7, 365 days a year customer service helpdesk and call center designed to address all emergency, urgent and routine requests from clients. Our helpdesk provide a strong support to our Clients through Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). We ensure that every service request is logged, instantly dispatched to either on-site technicians or mobile vehicles and work order closed only when Client endorses satisfactory work completion via state-of-the-art portable handhelds.

  • Quick scheduling and prioritization to close out the customer requests.
  • Qualified and experienced staff to handle the client requirements effectively and responsibly and committed to achieve high customer satisfaction.
  • Regular registering, reporting and monitoring of work requests to continually improve our performance and serve customer needs.
  • Clients can reach us in case of any queries or complaints, and that we can attend to them on a priority basis as quickly as possible.

    Please call our 24-hour call center at:

    800-EFMLLC (336552)

    Or email our HelpDesk at: info@express-fm.ae